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ic mailbox.

Hello, you've reached Samantha Traynor. If you're trying to contact someone else, no worries! Otherwise leave me a message and I'll get back to you accordingly.
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Hello, this is Remus Lupin. I'm in the Support Department with you.
Would you say you're good with computers?
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I believe you're one of the few in the department who knew what a computer was before arriving here, if that's any comfort. Do you think you would be up for helping William Tsang integrate the timeline Support has with the one he's maintaining? His is better than ours, but ours has some firsthand details instead of only network accounts.

[ Note: You don't actually have to do any OOC work. ]
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Other than you, we've got two anthropomorphisations of Death, two 19th century Frenchman, a girl I think might be some sort of demon, me (wizard from 1982), and Mr Pendleton. I don't know what his excuse is.

You can contact William if you like. 028 ยป 073. He's very friendly.
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Not costumes, no. We're still trying to sort out how the skeleton eats curry.

Mr Pendleton is Chief Support Officer. He likes it when you call him sir.
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If you convince him to give a demonstration, please invite me.